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Let Them Come is a revolutionary book that takes the reader through practical techniques for identifying and removing generational barriers that block youth from reaching their destiny. Each chapter is filled with relational stories and real life advice that is timely and beneficial. 

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DeVale Simmons, after ten years of ministering to youth around the world, has taken his personal life lessons and combined them with intuitive teaching strategies. 

Journey through his time at St John’s United Methodist Church where he served as the youth director in the KNOWLES/ROWLAND CENTER 4 YOUTH (donated by Beyonce Knowles & Kelly Roland). Read about how a youth leader who seemed to have it all yet was broken inside not only encountered a dramatic experience but also turned a youth program into one of the most successful youth ministry’s in the city of Houston.

Are you frustrated with this generation or just simply looking for a better way to handle your children? Read this book today and discover how to remove the barriers, and LET THEM COME!




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Killing The Monster I’ve Created,” is a real and revolutionary book written to assist parents, leaders, and mentors with breaking down generational barriers by building solid and trusting relationships with their youth. It gives insight into creating healthy boundaries and clearly defining the CEO at home and in youth organizations. Prepare to destroy monsters and tame tyrants with proven tips and real life anecdotes. 

“DeVale is a Multi-gifted international Author, Motivational Speaker and Businessman who’s message is infectious. He attacks issues affecting every aspect of Human and Spiritual Development especially in Urban Communities. This book will certainly speak to the needs of restoration”

HISD Board Member / former President of NAACP

“I have known DeVale to be a truth teller with compassion for, and faith in, the people he is ministering to. This book is no exception. I am sure it will be a blessing to you.”    

National Recording Artist  

“There are many parenting books on the market, this one isn't sugar coated and covers a wide variety of subjects. Most of the common issues in today’s households are discussed while outlining the problems, symptoms but most importantly solutions.”

Assistant Superintendent, CFISD 

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Copyright  © 2011. All Rights Reserved.